Frustrated with unhealthy employees? Unsure how to start a wellness program? Already have a wellness program that is lackluster?

Dr. Barczyk will get your people motivated.

Why hire Dr. Barczyk to speak to your employees?

  • 75% of health care costs are for preventable diseases - The decisions your employees make are costing you greatly.
  • Dr. B will motivate your human capital to live a healthier life with humor and current health statistics

Topics of Discussion

  • From his book, "Wellness Wake-up Call", Dr. B will inspire people to improve in the three key areas: Brain, Body, Spirit
  • Brain: Fun and easy ways to increase brain function thru activation and fuel supply.
  • Body: Food and activity. Not just exercise, but fun activity. An inactive lifestyle is the fourth leading cause of death, globally.
  • Spirit: Attitude is everything. Dr. B will expand on the ideas of Forgiveness, Kindness and Gratitude and how these basic tenants impact one's health.

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